-Appendix I, 100 Required Reports
[47 Kb]

-Appendix I 200 - Required Reports Of Immigrant Visas Issued And Refused (IVACS Report 28 Or Form OF-186)
[55 Kb]

-Appendix I 300 - Numbers and Priority Dates of Applications
[74 Kb]

-Appendix I, 400 Semiannual Report of Nonimmigrant Visas Issued and Refused
[53 Kb]

-Appendix I, 500 General Guidelines Regarding Private Bills
[78 Kb]

-Appendix I, 600 Foreign Passport Information Report
[63 Kb]

-Appendix I Exhibit I - Periodic Reports
[73 Kb]

-Appendix I, Exhibit II - General Reports Due As Developments And Changes Occur
[67 Kb]

-Appendix I, Exhibit III - Required Operational Case Reports
[70 Kb]

-Appendix I, Exhibit IV - Immigrant Visa Workload Monthly Report
[183 Kb]

-Appendix I, Exhibit V - Monthly Report Of Qualified Visa Applicants
[437 Kb]

-Appendix I Exhibit VII - List of Post Symbols
[194 Kb]

-Appendix I Exhibit VIII - Nationality Codes Used in NIV Reporting
[152 Kb]

-Appendix I, Exhibit IX - Monthly Returns of Unused Visa Numbers (Report 22)
[110 Kb]