The second edition of Employment Options for Foreign Service Family Members was published in January 2001. Dedicated to assisting Foreign Service family members with their employment search, the 2001 edition takes into consideration the growth of the Internet and the impact this technology has had on the employment process.

Table of Contents and Preface
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Self-Assessment
Chapter 3 - Using the Internet in the Job Search
Chapter 4 - Job Search Techniques
Chapter 5 - The Washington Area Private / Non-Private Services
Chapter 6 - Federal Government Employment
Chapter 7 - Employment Abroad
Chapter 8 - Portable Careers and Skills
Chapter 9 - Applications and Resumes
Chapter 10 - Interviews and Job Offers
Chapter 11 - Volunteer Options
Chapter 12 - Adult Education
Chapter 13 - Resources

Foreign Service family members looking for career management advice can contact the Family Liaison Office.

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