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Department of State Visits by Senior Military Officers

Date: 2013 Description: Secretary Kerry and Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, USN (right). © U.S. Pacific Command photo.

As the primary operational link between State and DoD, ISO often provides staff support for visits to the Department by senior military officers. In addition to facilitating courtesy calls with DOS principals, ISO also coordinates tailored briefings by working-level State experts for topics of interest to senior military officers or command groups.

Administration of Military Personnel Assigned to the Department of State

ISO supports all Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force members assigned to the Dept of State. This includes functions associated with legal compliance, filling positions, processing military awards, retirements, promotion boards, and evaluations.

Department of State Involvement in DoD Exercises

Military personnelISO coordinates Department of State participation in military exercises, seminars, wargames, and conferences. In addition to drawing from the various regional and functional specialists within the Department for these events, ISO action officers maintain a list of interagency contacts to ensure clear communication with the Department of Defense.

CAPSTONE Program and Other Military Professional Education Briefings

The CAPSTONE visit is a high-profile State Department orientation for newly appointed flag rank United States military officers, during which these officers interact with senior Department of State officials and also receive a tour of the Operations Center. ISO offers tailored educational briefings and tours to other military groups as well, including groups from the service academies, the National Defense University system, and the service colleges.

Requests for Foreign Employment

Retired and reserve members of the uniformed services seeking employment from or influenced by foreign governments must receive permission from their service’s secretary and the Secretary of State. ISO oversees the processing of requests for such permission on behalf of the Department.

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