The Deputy Secretary, William J. Burns serves as the principal deputy, adviser, and alter ego to the Secretary of State; serves as Acting Secretary of State in the Secretary's absence; and assists the Secretary in the formulation and conduct of U.S. foreign policy and in giving general supervision and direction to all elements of the Department. Specific duties and supervisory responsibilities have varied over time.

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U.S. and India

Date: 07/10/2014 Description: Deputy Secretary William J. Burns has press gaggle outside of Ministry of Finance in New Delhi, India. - State Dept Image

Deputy Secretary Burns (July 10): "As the world’s two largest democracies, and as two of the world’s largest economies, the United States and India share an interest in each other’s success. The success of our partnership can contribute enormously to a safer and more prosperous world." Full Text» More»

U.S. Commitment to Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Date: 05/08/2014 Description: Deputy Secretary Burns has Press Availability in Astana, Kazakhstan. - State Dept ImageDeputy Secretary Burns (May 8): "America’s commitment to Kazakhstan and Central Asia is enduring because America’s interests in Kazakhstan and Central Asia are enduring. The crisis in Ukraine and the ongoing transition in Afghanistan underscore what’s at stake and reinforce the importance of building a stronger and deeper relationship between our governments and between our peoples." Full Text» Statement on Pakistan»

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