FLO's Communications and Outreach program works with the entire FLO Staff to develop, produce, and disseminate information about our services to the Mission communities we serve overseas, within the State Department, and to other U.S. government agencies. FLO offers immediate access to up-to-date resources online, at Missions around the world, and in the Department.

FLO publications are written to specifically address the issues faced by U.S. Government employees and family members assigned to, serving at, or returning from a diplomatic mission abroad. For a list of publications by subject matter, please read here. To look for a publication by name, please see our A-Z site map. For copies of FLO's larger publications, email FLOPublications@state.gov.

For USG employees and family members who need additional assistance, FLO's Employment staff, Education and Youth Officer, Support Services Officer, and Program Assistants provide information, advising, and referral during transitions to and from an overseas assignment. To schedule an appointment or request information, contact FLO.

Click here to download the FLO Advocacy, Programs, and Services (pdf) brochure.

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