The Family Liaison Office understands that when most family members join the Foreign Service community, they have already established personal and professional lives. Finding meaningful employment overseas is challenging given limited positions inside U.S. missions, language requirements, lower salaries, and work permit barriers on the local economy. The Family Liaison Office (FLO) has a dedicated team of professionals working to expand employment options and information resources to internationally mobile family members, both at home and abroad. FLO’s employment program team will advise individual family members on overseas employment issues, either in person, via email or phone.

FLO also assists family members seeking employment overseas on the local economy or inside a U.S. embassy or consulate through such programs as the Global Employment Initiative (GEI). GEI helps family members explore employment options and opportunities, and provides career development services.

FLO also manages the Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP), which provides a limited number of professional positions inside missions and the Professional Development Program (PDF), which provides fellowships to family members seeking to develop their professional skills.

For family members returning to the Washington D.C. area, FLO facilitates employment orientation sessions at the Foreign Service Insitute (FSI), and distributes The Network, an electronic mailing list that posts job vacancy announcements and additional resources.

FLO also coordinates functional training for Foreign Service family members, assists posts with the development of bilateral work agreements, and works with senior management to advocate for and address Eligible Family Member (EFM) employment concerns.

Employment Overseas
Anti-Nepotism: Eligible Family Member Guidelines on the Supervisory Relationship
Bilateral Work Agreements and de facto Work Arrangements
Consular Affairs-Appointment Eligible Family Member (CA-AEFM) Adjudicator Program
Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP)
Executive Order Eligibility 12721 FAQs
Global Employment Initiative Program (GEI)
Hiring Mechanisms
Overseas Employment Checklist (pdf)
Portable Employment Options
Professional Development Fellowship Program
The Basics: Family Member Employment Overseas
Standard Form 50 (SF-50) Notification of Personnel Action (pdf)

Employment in the U.S.
The Network
Retirement and the Foreign Service Spouse
Standard Form 50 (SF-50) Notification of Personnel Action (pdf)
Washington Area Employment Checklist (pdf)

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