Supplementary Handbook on the C-175 Process: Routine Science and Technology Agreements

This Handbook was created due to problems which had grown up around the interagency Circular 175 process by the National Research Council report, The Pervasive Role of Science, Technology and Health in Foreign Policy: Imperatives for the Department of State. The NRC recommended that "The Department . . . should streamline the Circular 175 process, which calls for interagency review of proposed international agreements and bilateral memoranda of understanding." Seeing an unambiguous need to implement the NRC's recommendation without delay, the project eventually culminated in this Supplementary Handbook.

-A. Foreword
-B. Acknowledgement
-C. Chapter 1: Introduction
-D. Chapter 2: Overview of the C-175 Process
-E. Chapter 3: Components of the C-175 Request
-F. Chapter 4: Essential Elements of the Backgound Document
-G. Chapter 5: Points on Drafting International Agreements
-H. Appendix A
-I. Appendix B
-J. Appendix C
-K. Appendix D
-L. Appendix E
-M. Appendix F
-N. Appendix G
-O. Appendix H
-P. Appendix I
-Q. Appendix J
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