Declarations and Regional Documents
-06/17/02 Conference of Andean Community Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Defense
-06/30/00 Charter of Buenos Aires on Social Commitment in MERCOSUR, Bolivia, and Chile
-07/24/99 Political Declaration of MERCOSUR, Bolivia and, Chile as a Zone of Peace
-02/16/99 Joint Presidential Declaration Between Argentina and Chile on Confidence- and Security-Building
-09/05/91 The Declaration of Mendoza

Remarks and Communiques
-12/06/04 Communique of the 3 + 1 Group on Tri-Border Area Security
-12/03/03 Communique of the 3+1 Group on Counterterrorism
-09/01/00 Communique of Brasilia
-09/01/00 Summary of the Communique of Brasilia
-07/05/00 SG 240: Transmittal from the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the Organization of American States
-06/30/00 Communique from the 23rd Presidential Summit Meeting of MERCOSUR
-06/30/00 Joint Communique of the Presidents of the MERCOSUR Countries, Bolivia, and Chile

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