International developments change quickly and so do the number and demands of unaccompanied tours. Foreign Service employees are likely to serve at least one unaccompanied tour during their career.

Unaccompanied, but not alone.

To support the growing number of employees and families affected by unaccompanied tours (UT), the Family Liaison Office (FLO) has established an Unaccompanied Tours Support Program. FLO's Unaccompanied Tours Support Team is available to employees and family members (including spouses, partners, parents, siblings, and children of all ages) before, during, and after an unaccompanied assignment to answer questions, clarify options, and offer information and guidance on common concerns.

FLO’s UT program offers a number of services and resources for employees and families preparing for, serving in, or returning from an assignment to an unaccompanied post. To learn more about these resources see below. For additional questions, please email FLO at


5 Most Popular FLO Support Resources:

  • Contact Information Form – We don’t know who you are unless you tell us. Anywhere in the world employees, family members and friends of unaccompanied tour employees can receive regular communication from FLO regarding available resources, programs, and services by completing this form. Email to request a Contact Information Form.
  • Decision Tree (PDF) A guide to help you decide where your family will live while the employee is serving on an unaccompanied tour.
  • Managing Your Unaccompanied Tour brochure (PDF) – also available in your CLO office.
  • Children’s Handbook (PDF) – request to receive age appropriate workbook to help your children understand separation from a parent.
  • Children's Certificates & Medals of Recognition Nominate your child to receive a certificate and award recognizing their sacrifice. Eligibility requirements: Employee must be from a Foreign Affairs Agency and serving at a UT designated post for at least 6 months and child must be employee’s daughter/son/step-child up to age 21.

For more information or to nominate your child contact:

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Contact the Family Liaison Office

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