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The Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) is the U.S. Government’s primary interlocutor with the United Nations and a host of international agencies and organizations. As such, the Bureau is charged with advancing the President’s vision of robust multilateral engagement as a crucial tool in advancing U.S. national interests. U.S. multilateral engagement spans the full range of important global issues, including peace and security, nuclear nonproliferation, human rights, economic development, climate change, global health, and much more.

Joint Statement on the Affirmation of the Importance of and Adherence to International Humanitarian Law Issued at the World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, Turkey

May 24: The United States and 48 other UN member states have endorsed the joint statement below affirming the importance of and adherence to international humanitarian law at the World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, May 23–24. Upholding humanity is at the core of humanitarian action and of the United Nations Charter. Civilians caught in armed conflict are among the world’s most vulnerable people. Protecting the vulnerable from harm and preserving their dignity, in particular by upholding international law and seeking accountability for violations, should be at the very top of the international community’s agenda. Media Note»

Statement Before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission: Ten Years Later: The Status of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Date: 05/17/2016 Description: Deputy Assistant Secretary Erin Barclay's statement before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission: Ten Years Later: The Status of the United Nations Human Rights Council - State Dept Image

Deputy Assistant Secretary Barclay (May 17): "This year marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), set up to replace its widely discredited predecessor, the UN Commission for Human Rights. As you know, the United States did not join the HRC until 2009, when this Administration determined that our active engagement would advance U.S. interests, by providing much-needed leadership to focus the Council on the most pressing and serious human rights challenges. A review of the HRC’s performance prior to our membership and since 2009 shows that there’s no comparison. We made the right decision." Full Testimony»

Demonstrating #GlobalLeadership Through the United Nations and International Organizations to Advance LGBTI Rights

Date: 2016 Description: Demonstrating #GlobalLeadership through the United Nations and International Organizations to Advance LGBTI Rights - State Dept Image

May 17: Over the past seven years, the United States has engaged robustly at the United Nations (UN) and various other international organizations to ensure that the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) persons are protected as part of our broader work to promote human rights in these fora. Today, as we join the international community in commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, it’s fitting that we pause to reflect on progress made during this period and look at the road ahead. Dipnote»

Nuclear Security Takes a Big Step Forward

Date: 05/09/2016 Description: Trucks carrying containers with uranium at a port. - State Dept Image

May 9: The threat of nuclear terrorism transcends borders. Given this reality, preventing nuclear material from falling into the hands of terrorists is fundamentally a shared responsibility. On May 8, 2016, the global community took a giant step forward in protecting the world’s nuclear material and preventing nuclear terrorism with the entry-into-force of an amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM). Dipnote»

Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the United States on Syria

May 9: We believe our joint efforts have brought about a significant decrease in violence in the areas of North Latakia and East Ghouta. However, we also recognize the difficulties faced by the CoH in several areas of the country, especially in the recent period, as well as remaining problems in ensuring humanitarian access to the besieged areas. As a result, we have decided to reconfirm our commitment to the CoH in Syria and to intensify efforts to ensure its nation-wide implementation. We also intend to enhance efforts to promote humanitarian assistance to all people in need in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254. Media Note»

Apply to Become the Next U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations

Date: 05/06/2016 Description: Images of young people who have served in the role of U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations since the program was launched by the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Association in 2011.  © State Dept and UN Association photos

May 6: The U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations (UN) -- a prestigious position supported through a partnership between the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) to promote the value of youth voices, their participation to the UN system, and their potential global impact. This week the State Department announced the opening of the 2016-17 application period for the selection of the next U.S. Youth Observer to the UN. Applications will be accepted until May 30, 2016. DipNote»

Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on Aleppo, Syria

Ambassador Power (May 3): "But in recent days, young Syrians have spread a slogan across social media: "Aleppo is burning.” After five years of war, the recent explosion of violence has threatened what remains of the city. Just today, Special Envoy de Mistura warned that continuing violence could be “catastrophic,” and it could force 400,000 more residents to flee. Imagine the ripple effect and the consequences of that additional displacement. To save Aleppo – what is left of Aleppo – we need progress on the same three fronts we need for peace in Syria overall." Full Text»

Applications Being Accepted for Annual U.S. Youth Observer at the United Nations General Assembly

May 3: Americans between the ages of 18-25 are invited to apply for this unique opportunity to attend events during UN General Assembly week in New York City (September), witness other UN events over the next year, and interact with UNA-USA chapters across the country. The deadline for applying is May 30, 2016. For more information on the application process, and to learn more about last year’s Youth Observer, please visit Media Note»

A Celebration of Jazz: A Once American, Now International Cultural Treasure

Date: 04/28/2016 Description: International Jazz Day 2016 logo - State Dept Image

Apr. 28: Throughout the 20th century, the appeal and impact of jazz spread to all corners of the globe, in part through groundbreaking jazz diplomacy programs sponsored by the United States government. Those early jazz diplomats would have been hard-pressed to imagine that jazz would one day be accorded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) the status of international cultural treasure. International Jazz Day was established in 2011, and this year its official celebration will take place at the White House, where performers will include Aretha Franklin and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock. Dipnote» Remarks by the First Lady» More»

United States Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the People of South Sudan

Apr. 27: The United States today announced more than $86 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help conflict-affected people in South Sudan, as well as South Sudanese refugees in the region. This new funding will provide much-needed safe drinking water, emergency health care, nutrition services, shelter, improved sanitation facilities, agricultural training, and seeds, tools, and fishing supplies for the most vulnerable families and communities. These include internally displaced persons both within and outside of UN Protection of Civilians sites, refugees seeking asylum in South Sudan, and South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries. Media Note»

Opening Ceremony of the United Nations Signing Ceremony of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Date: 04/22/2016 Location: New York City Description: Secretary Kerry at the Opening Ceremony of the UN Signing Ceremony of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. - State Dept Image

Secretary Kerry (Apr. 22): "Paris was a turning point in the fight against climate change. Paris marked the moment when the world finally decided to heed the ever-rising mountain of evidence that had been piling up for years. It marked the moment that we put to rest once and for all the debate over whether climate change is real – and began instead to galvanize our focus on how, as a global community, we are going to address the irrefutable reality that nature is changing at an increasingly rapid pace due to our own choices. For sure, the agreement that we reached in Paris is the strongest, most ambitious global climate pact ever negotiated." Full Text»

United States Contributes $3 million to IAEA to Combat the Zika Virus

Date: 04/19/2016 Location: Vienna, Austria Description: IO Assistant Secretary Sheba Crocker with IAEA officials and others at the Insect Pest Control Laboratory in Seibersdorf, Austria; U.S. Mission to Int'l Organizations in Vienna. - State Dept Image

Apr. 20: During a visit to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Nuclear Applications Laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Sheba Crocker presented a letter of contribution to IAEA Deputy Director General Aldo Malavasi for $3 million to bolster IAEA’s efforts to combat Zika in Latin America using the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). Full Text»

United States Provides Additional $40 Million for Lake Chad Basin Humanitarian Response

Apr. 19: During a trip to the Lake Chad Basin region to highlight the growing threat of Boko Haram, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power announced from Cameroon nearly $40 million in new humanitarian assistance to support people whose lives have been affected by Boko Haram violence. Approximately 7 million people are suffering displacement, deprivation, and disease from the consequences of armed conflict in Nigeria, including 2.2 million internally displaced. Media Note»

International Jazz Day 2016 Webcast

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Apr. 8: For more than a decade, the Bureau of International Organizations has partnered with the UN Association-National Capital Area Global Classroom DC program to host the Department’s signature annual Model UN Conference. On Friday, April 8 the Department hosted its 12th annual Model UN Conference. This event brought over 600 Washington area students (grades 5-12), teachers and other guests to the historic Harry S. Truman for a day of mock-debates and negotiations in an attempt to resolve world problems and conflicts. This year's conference featured keynote speaker Andy Rabens, the Department's Special Advisor for Global Youth Issues.

The United States Contributes $421 Million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Spokesperson Kirby (Apr. 14): "The United States is pleased to announce an initial contribution of nearly $421 million of humanitarian assistance toward the 2016 global appeal for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This brings the total U.S. Government contribution to UNHCR to nearly $698 million to date in FY 2016. Additional U.S. contributions in support of UNHCR’s invaluable work on behalf of refugees will be forthcoming over the course of this year." Full Text»