Global Partnership Meeting, Aug. 28-29, Stockholm, Sweden
-08/29/12 IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative
[621 Kb]

-08/29/12 Countering Biological Threats and Enhancing Global Health Security
[2152 Kb]

-08/28/12 Office of Second Line of Defense: Partnership Opportunities
[1543 Kb]

-08/28/12 National Nuclear Security Administration - Cooperative Monitoring for the Global Partnership
[474 Kb]

GP Meeting, Apr. 17-18, Miami
-04/17/12 International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security in Tarnow - From Concept to Implementation
[627 Kb]

-04/17/12 Nuclear Security School: An IAEA, ICTP and Italian MoFA Initiative
[58 Kb]

IWG Discussion, Apr. 16, Miami
-04/16/12 European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network
[640 Kb]

-04/16/12 Nuclear Security Culture
[561 Kb]

-04/16/12 Effective Integration of Trade and Transportation Industry Sectors Into Global Nonproliferation Efforts
[1016 Kb]

-04/16/12 Engaging the Private Sector; Navigating the Nuclear Pharma/Biotechnology Regulatory Maze
[4752 Kb]

-04/16/12 Building on the GPWGs and on Seoul 2012 Nuclear Security Summit Outcomes
[609 Kb]

-04/16/12 Role of Private Industry in Nonproliferation Programs
[562 Kb]

-04/16/12 Chemical Weapons and Nonproliferation
[600 Kb]

GP Meeting, Mar. 13-14, Boston
-03/26/12 Presentation - The FATF Recommendations and Implementing the Financial Provisions of UNSCR 1540
-03/14/12 Presentation - Activities of the Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security; G8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction Meeting
-03/13/12 Presentation - UNODC/TPB's Role in Preventing and Combating CBRN Terrorism

Panel Discussions, Jan. 26, GW Elliot School
-01/25/12 Agenda of the Panel
-01/26/12 Minutes from the Meeting
-01/25/12 Videos of the GWU Global Partnership Event
-01/25/12 Photos of the GWU Global Partnership Event

GP Meeting, Jan. 24-25, Washington
-01/24/12 Opening Statement; Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs Ambassador Bonnie D. Jenkins
-01/24/12 Kick-off of the Global Partnership
-01/24/12 Presentation - IAEA Nuclear Security Activities
-01/24/12 Presentation - FAO and the Global Partnership Issues
-01/24/12 Presentation - Briefing on the CBRN Centres of Excellence
-01/24/12 Presentation - CBRN Centres of Excellence: What is it all about?
-01/24/12 Presentation - CBRN Centres of Excellence: Structure and Activities
-01/24/12 Presentation - EU Commission Instrument for Stability
-01/24/12 Presentation - EU Activities in the Field of Combating Illicit Trafficking
-01/24/12 Presentation - EU Cooperation in Export Control of Dual-Use Goods
-01/24/12 Presentation - Global Health Security WHO's Role
-01/24/12 OPCW Efforts Against WMD Terrorism and Nonproliferation Cooperation
-01/24/12 Presentation - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and Strengthening Biological Security
-01/24/12 Presentation - Interpol CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Program

IWG Discussion, Jan. 23, Washington
- 01/23/12 Paper - Cyber Security for Nuclear Power Plants
- 01/23/12 Agenda; International Working Group (IWG) Discussion: Global Partnership (GP) - 2012 and Beyond
- 01/23/12 Paper - Encouraging Argentina and Brazil To Promote Global Partnership Objectives

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