NOTE: Corrected Year in Review, Appendix A, and Appendix G were posted on June 22, 2004. Numbers in the text, specifically numbers of killed and wounded, will be revised to reflect the corrected Appendices.

-Patterns of Global Terrorism: 2003
-Table of Contents
-The Year in Review (Revised 6/22/04)
-Africa Overview
-South Asia Overview
-East Asia Overview
-Eurasia Overview
-Europe Overview
-Middle East Overview
-Western Hemisphere Overview
-Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism
-Appendix A -- Chronology of Significant International Terrorist Incidents, 2003 (Revised 6/22/04)
-Appendix B -- Background Information on Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations
-Appendix C -- Background Information on Other Terrorist Groups
-Appendix D -- U.S. Programs and Policy
-Appendix E -- Summary of the U.S. Military Counterterrorism Campaign in 2003
-Appendix F -- Countering Terrorism on the Economic Front
-Appendix G -- Statistical Review (Revised 6/22/04)
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