The Accountability Report for Fiscal Year 2000, dated March 2001, consolidates the reporting mandated by several laws that have historically required separate reports to the President and the Congress. It is designed to present the Department's most significant accomplishments realized in FY 2000 consistent with its mission as the lead U.S. foreign affairs agency.

This report is published by the Department of State, Office of Financial Management and Policy, Office of Financial Policy, Reports and Analysis. For copies please contact Nora Smith via fax: 202-261-8651, e-mail: or call: 202-261-8641. Please see archive for reports for 1997-1999.

-A. Table of Contents
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-B. Management's Discussion and Analysis
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-C. Independent Auditor's Report
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-D. Principal Financial Statements and Supplementary Information
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-E. Overview of the Department of State Performance Report
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-F. Supplemental Information and Other Reporting Requirements
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-G. Appendix
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