The below files constitute the multi-part PDF version of the publication. It also is available as a one-piece PDF. Viewing these documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software. -Title Page; Table of Contents
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-Mission and Values
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-Benefit to the American Public
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-Major Crosscutting Efforts
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-The Management Landscape
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-Performance Management - A Leadership Priority
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-Performance Assessment Methodology
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-Strategic Planning Framework
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-Strategic Goal 1: Regional Stability
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-Strategic Goal 2: Counterterrorism
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-Strategic Goal 3: Homeland Security
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-Strategic Goal 4: Weapons of Mass Destruction
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-Strategic Goal 5: International Crime and Drugs
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-Strategic Goal 6: American Citizens
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-Strategic Goal 7: Democracy and Human Rights
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-Strategic Goal 8: Economic Prosperity and Security
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-Strategic Goal 9: Social and Environmental Issues
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-Strategic Goal 10: Humanitarian Response
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-Strategic Goal 11: Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
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-Strategic Goal 12: Management and Organizational Excellence
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-PART Tables
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-Resource Tables by Strategic Goal
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-Glossary of Terms
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