The Office of Plans and Initiatives (PM/PI) is the principal office within the Department of State providing policy recommendations and programmatic support on cross-cutting political-military planning, as well as integrated efforts to promote international cooperation on issues such as maritime security and global peacekeeping.

The PM/PI Office comprises the Policy and Plans Team (PPT), the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), and the Office of Counter Piracy and Maritime Security (CPMS). PM/PI Office provides advocacy, expertise, and liaison relative to political-military planning, policy, and defense strategy; State Department strategic planning; U.S. global defense posture; and security sector assistance. Additionally, PM/PI Office leads unique initiatives such as a U.S. program to build the peacekeeping and peace enforcement capacities of over 65 countries and a U.S. diplomatic partnership with over 80 countries, organizations, and industry groups with a shared interest in combating piracy.

Office Director: Mike Smith
Deputy Director: Mick Hauser
Office Manager Phone number: (202) 663-3040